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eCommerce topics for 2018

Join us at eCommerce Live UK to discover the hottest eCommerce trends in 2018 and gain expert advice from our line-up of eCommerce gurus.

By 2020, the worldwide spend for the eCommerce industry is forecast to reach £3 trillion pounds and the UK leads the way in Europe with turnover of €197 billion in the B2C eCommerce market. So what can we expect from such a lucrative, rapidly developing landscape?

Social & Virtual Shopping

Have you ever shopped on Instagram? Photo shopping is set to transform retail in 2018. Social platforms have become a sensory gateway, offering virtual access to the same luxury experiences as brick and mortar stores from the comfort of your own home.

By 2020, 50% of all searches will be image and voice activated. Pinterest has cleverly adopted photo search by using a smartphone camera as a search engine. With the introduction of Alexa, customers in 2018 will be able to shop by having a conversation with their devices. Brands that adapt their SEO strategy for the introduction of voice search are set to reap significant rewards.

Think about it, when you ask a device a question, they only give you one option instead of multiple like online search engines. AR is also set to be BIG this year with the introduction of try-before-you-buy virtual experiences. Ikea and Wayfair are two fantastic examples, where customers can receive a personalised 3D model of a product before they purchase.

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The Consumer Revolution

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ customer, making blanket advertising useless in the battle for online success. In 2018, eCommerce businesses using personalisation experienced a 50% rise in shoppers engaging and purchasing from their site.

Human emotions influence buying behaviour and when users interact with your eCommerce store, it leaves a psychological and emotional impact. Delving into your customer’s behaviour boosts your eCommerce success.

From an increase in social influences, celebrity endorsements, peer reviews, social media referrals and product recommendations, personalisation and user engagement helps your customers to rationalise their shopping emotions and ultimately encourage that desired final purchase.

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Convenience is the new brand loyalty

Convenience is paramount in a world where everything is at our fingertips; consumers want instant gratification and are motivated by easy payments, quick buying and a seamless user-experience. This sense of urgency has changed the market with same-day deliveries and new ways to pay, and try before you buy. But what does this mean for the way we shop online?

Instant access to information on our smart phones is fuelling the change in market behaviour. Shoppers demand to be served what they want before they know what they’re looking for, through personalisation and recommendations. They want the latest fashion from the catwalk to the store, cutting-edge products and speedy-services instantly available and promoted online.

Aftersales services are enabling interaction with brands. Channels such as TrustPilot and Twitter give the customer a louder voice, creating an open channel of communication between brand and customer.

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The Dominance of mCommerce

By 2020, two-thirds of UK eCommerce transactions will be through mobile channels. The rise of mCommerce is huge, growing rapidly and set to skyrocket in coming years, so how is mobile shopping continuing to change eCommerce?

Converting shoppers on the move is paramount. eCommerce businesses cannot afford to ignore the advancing pace of mobile tech and early adopters of facial recognition and fingerprint payments are already reaping the rewards of maximising conversions through mobile.

Confusing checkout processes combined with not having the desired payment options accounts for almost 20% of all abandoned carts. Payment options are becoming instrumental in reducing cart abandonment but mobile shoppers on the move need more than just more ways to pay. Omnichannel gives your customers the option to click and collect instantly, check stock availability and buy online and return in-store.

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eCommerce: The Highest Growing Sector for Cybercrime

Cyber-attacks account for 36% of crime against all retailers. What are the latest cybersecurity threats to eCommerce and how do you protect your online world against them? What happens if your website is breached?

Integrating security by design in your eCommerce solution is a must, especially under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Training and educating your employees about GDPR and cybersecurity is key when social engineering, phishing and weak passwords continually enable cyber-attacks. Gaining the trust of your consumers is also crucial when 61% of online buyers said they have abandoned a purchase because there were no trust logos present.

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It’s all about speed

When it comes to shopping online, no matter how incredible your deals are or spectacular your website is, shoppers won’t convert, or stay on your site for that matter, if it’s slow to load. Speed is vital to eCommerce success, especially when 40% of customers abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

Speed of service doesn’t stop there. Amazon has revolutionised the delivery game, with same-day shipping delivering a parcel in just eight minutes. Mercedes-Benz is currently developing technologies to introduce driverless freight and transport and Dominos recently delivered their first pizza via a drone.

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Automation: The End of Marketing as we Know it

Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 80% of all customer interactions will be handled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Additionally, 71% of retailers are planning to invest in cognitive computing and machine learning technologies by 2021.

Developing and adopting machine learning and AI can help you understand the psychology of your consumers, in turn allowing retailers to create personalised one-to-one marketing in replacement of demographic-based marketing. Netflix – the royalty of recommendation marketing, utilises automation by dividing recommendations into 1300 ‘taste communities’ to its 93 million users.

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