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Manchester: Wednesday 19th September 2018

London: Thursday 20th September 2018

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What makes a successful eCommerce business tick?

Hear the secrets to online retail success from those steering some of the UK’s fastest growing eCommerce brands at eCommerce Live UK 2018.

Learn how to grow your conversions with a superfast website, how understanding the psychology of your customers delivers amazing results and how to stay ahead of the market in the era of instant gratification. You’ll also learn how to build trust within your customer base by protecting critical data and staying ahead of the latest eCommerce cyber-threats.

eCommerce | Live UK


Wednesday 19th September 2018


9:00am - 1:00pm


UKFast Campus
Manchester M15 5QJ


Thursday 20th September 2018


9:00am - 1:00pm


Dotmailer HQ
London SE1 9BG

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eCommerce Drone

The world of eCommerce is changing - do you have the competitive edge?

In the past decade, traditional retailers have had to compete with the fast-paced world of eCommerce. The success of your eCommerce business depends on your agility and your ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment and emerging trends.

By the end of 2018, mobile will make up 70% of eCommerce traffic and the average cart abandonment will be more than 69%.

At eCommerce Live UK 2018, you’ll hear all the tips and tricks from the experts and influencers to boost your conversions throughout the year, maximise your potential during your industry’s peak periods and supercharge your eCommerce store ahead of your competitors.

Looking forward to 2020, Gartner predicts that more than 80% of all customer interactions will be handled by artificial intelligence. By 2021, brands who redesign their websites to support visual and voice search are set to increase digital commerce revenue by 30%.


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